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Standing Straight: Massage and Improving Posture

Standing Straight: Massage and Improving Posture

Liz Garrison, LMT

Do you work at a desk all day? Chances are it has taken a toll on your posture. Poor posture can lead to muscle pain and stiffness. But, massage can actually improve your posture.

Your massage therapist can have you walk up and down the hallway and do what is called a GAIT analysis. During a GAIT analysis, the massage therapist looks at the way your feet hit the floor and the way your shoulders and hips line up. By making notes, he/she can apply more stripping and pressue to the muscles on the sides that are tight and actually improve your posture

This process takes regular weekly sessions but, it has a lot of benefits in the way of less pain and more free movements.

During the process, your massage therapist will have you evaluate your workstation and make some adjustments to keep the posture work in place.

You will stand and straighter and feel better. Having better posture prevents some knots and adhesions and makes your massage last longer too.

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage at West Plano can help. They offer an introductory massage starting at $49 to get you started and a monthly Wellness Program starting at $59 to keep you going.

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