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Healing Headaches: Massage and Acupuncture Working Together

Healing Headaches: Massage and Acupuncture Working Together

Elements Massage

Ever have a headache and nothing would manage to get it to go away? Medicine alone may not be the answer. Next time try acupuncture and massage.

Many types of headaches are hard to treat the traditional way. Because acupuncture and massage release endorphins and other neurotransmitter chemicals, both modalities stop the nerve cells from sending pain signals to the brain according to the Brian Hassler blog, "The Benefits of Massage and Acupuncture Together" on

Acupuncturists also believe that the immune system and the nervous system are intertwined. That when the immune system goes on an attack, pain and inflammation are a result. By using acupuncture and massage to reduce the inflammation, pain is decreased. Both modalities improve overall immune system function, therefore reducing the cycle of pain and inflammation and creating a long term reduction in the number and intensity of headaches.

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage in West Plano can help. They offer an introductory massage starting at $49 to get you started and monthly Wellness Programs starting at $59 to keep you coming back.

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