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Giving Feedback: The Key to a Great Massage

Giving Feedback: The Key to a Great Massage

Liz Garrison, LMT

At Elements, we give you as many opportunities as possible to give the kind of feedback that directs us to giving you the best massage you have ever had. We cannot feel the massage for you and everybody is different so, giving you the chance to tell us is the key to a successful massage.

Everything in our massage rooms are adjustable from the lighting to the table warmth to the level of sound in the music. That is why we remind you to let us know what you need for the ultimate massage experience.

We don’t just ask you how the pressure is. We ask you if you would like it deeper, lighter, or the same. This puts you in control to make a little adjustment that can make all the difference.

Before we turn you over, we will ask if there is any area you want us to go back over. Will an extra five minutes on your hamstrings send you over the moon? We will do it.

You don’t have to guess when your massage will be over. Many clients wander when the session will end and it distracts the client from enjoying the last twenty minutes of the massage. Ten minutes before the end, we will have completed the massage and let you direct us where you would like the massage to end. Your feet? Your back? Let us know. You will remember the last part of your massage the most and we want it to be the best.

This is called the Elements Service Path and it is what sets us apart from the competition for your massage. It is the little details and puts you in control of your service to get the best massage yet over and over again.

Come experience the Elements Service Path for yourself at Elements in Plano. Call us at 972-248-3001.

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