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Changing Your Mind: Massage and Meditation

Changing Your Mind: Massage and Meditation

Liz Garrison, LMT

Many people set goals for their own well-being. Some are to lose a certain amount of weight. Some are to finish school. Some are to get out of pain with less or no medication.

It is pretty well known in the massage community that emotions are stored in muscle tissues. As a practioner I see clients work through emotions on my table. The release can be subtle or dramatic but, the client almost always come out of it for the better.

Massage is a good way to get past the reasons why we gain weight, put off schooling, or have pain. And the power of meditation can boost and hasten that performance.

From Healing at the writer suggests that meditation gives you power and has a calming effect on the mind. It allows tension being held in the muscles much like massage to be released. It is as simple as closing your eyes and repeating a mantra you have chosen to address the situation. A few slow deep breaths may be all you need to bring some balance to the situation.

So what is a mantra? It is a simple a repeated phrase. So I want to lose some weight I have been carrying for a long time. My mantra is, "I will be fit, in-shape, and beautiful. I will lose this extra weight. I love my new body." Repeated over and over, the mind will believe it and it will come into place. I still need to watch what I eat so, I joined Weight Watchers; and I will need to visit the gym so, I make time to go to my favorite workout place. But the power of massage and meditation is really helping. Slowly the weight is coming off.

Whatever your goal is, I encourage you to consider massage and meditation. It relaxes and restores. It also lets you let go of whatever is holding you back to excellerate your acheivement.

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage at Preston Hollow and West Plano can help. They offer an introductory massage starting at $49 to get you started and a monthly Wellness Program starting at $59 to keep you going.

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