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Elements Massage 1921 Preston Rd, Suite 2012
Plano, TX   75093
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1921 Preston Rd
Suite 2012
Plano, TX 75093

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm

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Words of Wellness / Our Studio

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Elements Massage Apr 2, 2015 Our Studio

Want to spend a little quality time together without spending a fortune?  Couple's Massage may be the perfect one hour get-away. Couple's Massage is simply a when you get your massage in a large room side-by-side with the person of your choice.  There are two tables and two massage therapists.  You can get a couple's massage with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend,...

Elements Massage Mar 19, 2015 Our Studio

Do you travel a lot or sit for long hours at work?  Do you think you do not have time for a regular massage or miss some of your monthly massages do to work trips or soccer season? Chair massage is a quick and easy way to have a quick, stubborn knot taken out or relax while at the airport or during a long road trip.  Because chair massage is clothed, it can be done...

Elements Massage West Plano May 28, 2015 Our Studio

For all the things a pregnant woman is told she cannot do during her pregnancy, massage is a good thing.  Provided the pregnancy is healthy and the woman does not have a history of miscarriages, there are many benefits to pre-natal massage*. Benefits to Pre-natal massage: Lessens sciatic pain Reduces swelling in hands, feet, ankles  Aids...

Elements Massage West Plano May 14, 2015 Our Studio

Back pain can be a battle.  When looking for alternative care, some patients seek massage therapy and some seek chiropractic care.  For a lot of people in pain, I recommend both. Lara Waite for writes,  "Massages help chiropractic treatment because they relieve tension and warm up the soft tissue. It relaxes you, makes you less anxious and ready...

Elements Massage Apr 30, 2015 Our Studio

  Chair massage is great for employees.  But why should a company do it?  Here are some great answers: 1-As a stress management and health promotions program 2-It increases productivity 3-Use during heavy work periods or when under tight deadlines 4-For special events 5-Thank you’s 6-As a premium and incentive tool 7-As a promotional...

Elements Massage Apr 16, 2015 Our Studio

Every wonder if you are doing the right thing to help with an injury?  Many people mix up the heat or ice issue.  Here are the facts. If your injury just happened, blood flow and inflammation rush to the site causing bruising and swelling.  The ice slows the blood flow and reduces the inflammation and bruising and swelling.  Apply ice with a towel between...

Elements Massage Mar 5, 2015 Our Studio

How stressed are you? For many people, between work, family, and just not taking time for themselves, stress is taking over. I know even as a Massage Therapist and Business Developer, I work long hours and get home just in time to make dinner and call it a night. It is the little bits of time that I carve out for myself that make a difference. According to the AMTA (American...

Elements Massage Feb 19, 2015 Our Studio

Ever have a headache and nothing would manage to get it to go away?  Medicine alone may not be the answer.  Next time try acupuncture and massage. Many types of headaches are hard to treat the traditional way.  Because acupuncture and massage release endorphins and other neurotransmitter chemicals, both modalities stop the nerve cells from sending pain signals...

Liz Garrison, LMT Dec 29, 2014 Our Studio

Do you work at a desk all day?  Chances are it has taken a toll on your posture.  Poor posture can lead to muscle pain and stiffness.  But, massage can actually improve your posture.Your massage therapist can have you walk up and down the hallway and do what is called a GAIT analysis.  During a GAIT analysis, the massage therapist looks at the way your...

Liz Garrison, LMT Dec 15, 2014 Our Studio

How well did you keep last year's New Year's Resolution?  How long did it last?  Like many people this time of year a New Year's Resolution is based on a health and wellness goal.  Sometimes it is to lose weight, go to the gym on a regular basis, or eat healthy foods.  Often these resolutions are only kept for a few weeks or a little longer.What about this...

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