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Lavender: So many benefits

Lavender: So many benefits

Shannon K, lmt and cert'd Aromatherapist

Elements Massage, in West Allis and across the nation, offers an Aromatherapy add-on with your massage for a fee of $10. Of the four options I will explain some of the benefits of Lavender essential oil made by Bon Vital.  Essential oils used at Elements are first mixed into unscented massage lotion.  Each person gets their own portion of lotion that will be used during their massage, and not used on anyone else.  Lavender angustifolia has a floral aroma and is used for many things. It is one of the most popular, or widely known essential oils.

Lavender has a healing effect on the nervous system so it can be good for insomnia, tension headaches and restless leg syndrome, but it also is balancing emotionally to further aid in those benefits. Lavender is an anti-inflammatory agent and has skin healing properties for burns, bug bites, wounds, bee stings, rashes, acne, irritations or infections. Our primary goal in a massage session is not to treat these issues but Lavender does have these properties. It can also assist tight muscles, coughs, menstrual cramps and digestive problems. 

Lavender angustifolia, steam distilled from the flowers, assists to fight germs, maintains healthy joints and muscles, is an antispasmodic and encourages proper nasal function. It is safe for most everyone from babies to adults and gentle on health related conditions. The only caution would be if someone is allergic to the flowers. As with all essential oils it should still be diluted into a lotion, oil or diffused, and not put directly on the skin in pure form. It should never be ingested which is something we wouldn’t be doing during massage anyway. If someone were looking to ingest lavender, a tea would be a better suggestion.

Emotionally, this oil calms, soothes, nurtures and encourages balance in all body systems. It also helps reduce anxiety and fear and helps calm and control panic attacks.  Lavender essential oil has a very dreamy aroma and when coupled with massage will fill the room with its wonderful scent to help you relax and take you off into a nice calm state. Make sure to tell the front desk you would like this add on during your next massage.

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