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Integrative Reflexology: Coming soon to West Allis

Integrative Reflexology: Coming soon to West Allis

Shannon K, LMT; edited by Raymond S.

Coming soon to Elements- West Allis, will be Integrative Reflexology Massage performed by our therapists Heather and Shannon. Reflexology focuses on points in the feet and hands that are linked to every part of the body. The massage integrates four different theories: structure of the body and feet, meridian pathways, psycho-neuroimmunology, and zone theories.  The therapist will focus a large portion of time on the feet during this full body massage.  

The first aspect of reflexology is structure of the body in relation to posture and stance on your feet.  What kind of shoes are you wearing? Do your feet turn out? Are you knock knee’d? Are you favoring on leg vs. the other?  Are you flat-footed? Do you have a strong high arch?  Postural assessment is the first piece of understanding where the client is holding their tension and how it connects to the feet.  I will give you an example.  A common case is someone who wears high heels, calves constantly contracted and toes squished into shoes.  This scenario changes the entire structure of the back.  The heels angle the body forward so to compensate, a person leans back which gives a beautiful curvy looking figure. However, that curve damages the entire musculature that surrounds the spine.  The good news is that by pinpointing where it starts in the feet we can help our clients fix issues they may have elsewhere in their body.

The second theory is zone theory and it is believed that different zones on the feet and hands correlate or connect to different organs in the body.  For example, putting pressure on the heels is in the zone for sciatica pain.  The lateral edge of the foot represents the spine, and tips of the toes are for sinuses, etc.  Everything in our bodies is connected by a web-like material called fascia.  This fascia connects every muscle and organ in our body.  When the fascia in one area is released the muscle or organ next to it will be affected and on down the line.  Theorists have noticed through practice and research that by applying pressure to certain areas on the feet it helps release this fascia that connects to other parts of the body.

The third theory, Meridian Pathways, is of Chinese origin.  This theory involves acupressure lines in the body. An example being from the corner of your eye, over the back of your head and down to the feet.  That is one of the channels.  By applying pressure along the acupressure points on that channel it creates a balance in the system. The Chinese believe in Yin Yang and everything in the world must have balance.  Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire in the world and within us are the elements that need balance.  Each element represents different personalities and moods and changes with the seasons.  As an example in Spring (which is represented by Wood, the Liver and the gallbladder) everything in the world is renewing and coming back to life.  As well in the Spring humans start to get outside more and move around.  The liver and gallbladder are at their prime season because they are detoxing and renewing more during this season. The elements help us understand people and where we need to focus to help them create a full body balance by applying pressure to “tsubo points” on the feet and throughout the body which clears the meridian channels.

Psycho-neuroimmunology is the concept that the lymph system and nervous system connect in the feet as well and this can have a beneficial element to our mood and mental state.  It can also help our immune system by affecting our lymph system.  There are many lymph nodes and nerves at the bottom of the feet.

When all of these theories are integrated together the result is a very relaxing and therapeutic massage with primary focus on the feet and hands.  By integrating all of the theories together the best of everything is integrated into one reflexology massage.  Postural alignment, open meridian pathways, releasing fascia that connects to organs and a relaxed mental state that comes from the release of lymph and nerves.

Come in and request Shannon or Heather to feel the many benefits of the Integrative Reflexology massage modality.  

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