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Healing Power of Massage

Healing Power of Massage

Heather, LMT edited by Raymond

     I know you know Massage is amazing!  Massage has been shown to relieve pain, stress/anxiety, discomfort during pregnancy and reduce muscle spasms/cramps, strengthen the immune system and even treat musculoskeletal problems.  But do you know how Massage truly heals?
     Massage's healing power is related to blood flow and its ability to get the heart pumping. When receiving a massage your tense muscles and scar tissue receive the oxygen and nutrients they need from your blood. While stripping and kneeding the muscle, the muscle is stretched providing healing relief.
     Blood, being brought to an area that needs healing, will increase the chance of successful recovery if done every 4 weeks (at most up to 6 weeks).  After 6 weeks most of the benefit of massage has diminished.  Regular massage can help relieve and heal nerve pain as well (mainly shoulder, hands, calves and feet).  This all means the pain you have been feeling for years can decrease with the help of Massage! 

If you or someone you know is in pain Massage can provide a huge relief.  Elements West Allis specializes in therapeutic massage.  We are open M-Sunday with great therapists available to help you.  Please call our studio at 414.455.2715 to book an appointment today!

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