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Editorial: Breaking down the barriers

Editorial: Breaking down the barriers

Jim, LMT edited by Raymond

Getting a massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience. Often when a client calls a massage studio or spa to schedule an associate may ask "do you prefer a male or female therapist". This question is so out of place. The therapist being male or female makes no difference in whether or not their skill set fits a client's massage needs. The question ought to be "what type of massage are you looking for?". That way the client will receive the type of massage they are seeking and benefit so much more. For example, many clients are surprised to find that a female therapist has very strong hands and firm pressure where as a particular male therapist may have a light, relaxing touch.

All therapists, regardless of gender, have the same objective: How best can I make the client feel better and more relaxed.

If you tend to prefer only female therapists or vice versa, perhaps, next time you book ask for the best fit based on your needs regardless of gender. You may find you have had the best massage of your life!

At Elements Massage we always respect client preferences but our main goal is to match the client to the best therapist for their specific issues. We have a unique 1-4 rating system with 1 being light pressure and 4 being firm pressure with Trigger Point. 

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