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Words of Wellness / Our Studio

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Christy M., lmt Concept by Raymond S., Manager Feb 16, 2019 Our Studio

Our bodies are like our cars, they both require regular maintenace!

Erik Hill O.B.O. of Groth Law Firm Dec 14, 2018 Our Studio

Recovering from personal injury with massage therapy is encouraged by many personal injury attourneys hoping to help their clients fully heal, both financially and physically.

Aaron, LMT Nov 12, 2018 Our Studio

In the time between the Second World War and now, there have been huge changes in massage. It has influenced and even directly changed the way massage is looked at through the decades.    Since 1945, a lot has changed in massage. Let's start in with 1943 and the 50s. In 1943 the American Association of Masseuses and Masseurs (now the American Massage...

Sami G., lmt Oct 8, 2018 Our Studio

Intake Forms help build a strong communication and rapport between the client and therapist!

Christy M., lmt Aug 23, 2018 Our Studio

Swedish Massage incorporates 5 main massage strokes.

Christy, L.M.T. Jun 21, 2018 Our Studio

Tips for minimizing soreness and maximizing the benefits in between massage sessions.

Diane C., lmt Apr 19, 2018 Our Studio

Massage Therapy has so many reported benefits...

Christy, lmt Apr 10, 2018 Our Studio

Apples and bananas are powerful fruits that aid wellness, especially post-massage!

Diane C., LMT Mar 25, 2018 Our Studio

Soaking in Dead Sea Salts has several benefits from nurishing the body with minerals to relaxation!

Aaron L., Lead Therapist Feb 22, 2018 Our Studio

To undress or not to undress, that is the question, at the begining of every massage. Of course it is up to you...

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