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Winter is a pain...Get a Massage!

MacKenzie M. Dec 14, 2017 Our Studio

Beat winter pains with massage...

Physical response during massage is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Aaron L., Lead LMT Nov 29, 2017 Our Studio

Passing gas or being tickled during massage is a normal reaction and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Muscles: they're all connected.

MacKenzie M., lmt Nov 4, 2017 Our Studio

What connects muscle tissue can be the cause, and the release of pain.

Can Massage Relieve Headaches?

Staff Oct 21, 2017 Our Studio

It’s clear that, as a whole, we need SOMETHING to deal with our headaches, considering that an estimated 80-90% of the population will experience tension headaches, and 17% of us will experience migraines. In fact, as a nation, headaches are our most commonly talked-about ailment. So what can we do about it?

Do I Need to See the Same Massage Therapist Every Time?

Staff Oct 7, 2017 Our Studio

As a general rule, there can be a lot of value to seeing the same massage therapist for every appointment, or at least sticking to the same two or three, and here’s why...

What Should I Wear When I Get a Massage

Staff Sep 23, 2017 Our Studio

We’ve weighed for you the pros and cons of your various dress/undress options when getting a massage...

The Title Matters

Staff Sep 9, 2017 Our Studio

Therapist or Masseuse. Is it all in a title? Licensed Massage Therapist indicates education, certification and knowledge.

Is Massage Beneficial for Senior Citizens?

Staff Aug 24, 2017 Our Studio

Although we’ve discussed before how vitally important massage is for everyone, you might not realize just how beneficial massage can be for the most aged among us.

I'm breathing, are you?

Catrina B., lmt Aug 11, 2017 Our Studio

Breath is vital to every massage and to relaxation in general.

Relieve Depression with Massage

Alexis M., lmt Jul 22, 2017 Our Studio

Massage may help ease depression in our ever faster-moving society.

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