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Mon - Sun 8am - 9:30pm

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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation


Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are where family memories are made – visiting beach houses, fishing with grandpa, making homemade ice cream with grandma, water slides with cousins, outdoor cookouts and catching up with old friends and family around a camp fire. Somewhere along the way, though, stress can creep into your trip, especially if you are your family’s vacation coordinator. Trip preparation, traveling and everything in between can leave you feeling exhausted, cranky and maybe even a little irritable.

Combat the natural stressors that can arise on a vacation by scheduling a therapeutic massage before you take off this summer for your family adventure and shortly after the plane lands on your return trip home. You, your body and your family will thank you. You will return from vacation revived, restored and vibrant – the key ingredients to happy summer memories!

To help you sit back, relax and enjoy your summer vacation, we want to share the following suggestions for reducing your mental and physical stress while on the road, in the air or sailing around the world.

The Problem: Mental Stress Associated with Chaotic, Busy Vacations

Booking two weeks at a lake cottage with your parents, brothers, sisters and all their kids might sound like a good idea initially for a family get away. However, when 15+ family members all descend on the cottage, kids running wild, parents and children bickering and grandparents spoiling the kids, stress can rise up quickly, creating a tense environment that doesn’t support a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

The Solution: De-Stress Before Your Summer Vacation with a Therapeutic Massage with our Spokane Therapists

Therapeutic massage is a medically proven method for supporting your health and wellness. You'll enjoy benefits of reduced stress, heart rate and blood pressure, as well as an improvement in mood and increased relaxation. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wait until you are stressed or injured to get a massage. Massage is like a health supplement or preventative care for your body and mind. Schedule a massage a week or two prior to your vacation to prepare yourself for a successful trip. Since eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether during a family vacation is unrealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help you manage your stress.

The Problem: Physical Stress Associated with Traveling

The body can undergo a high degree of physical stress while traveling. From sitting for long periods of time during your travels to sleeping in different beds and using various pillows during vacation, your body can be left in knots after you return from vacation. Additionally, irregular bowel movements can be a common side effect of traveling, eating different foods, drinking new water and being in a new environment. These physical factors can greatly increase the stress associated with a family vacation and leave you in physical pain upon your return.

The Solution: Schedule a Post-Vacation Massage Before You Leave for Vacation

You can take some easy preventative measures during your vacation to reduce your body’s physical stress such as bringing your own pillows, drinking bottled water and keeping your diet as balanced as possible, but there still will be many factors contributing to your physical stress that will be out of your control. To combat the physical stress associated with travel, schedule a post-vacation massage 3-5 days after you return from your trip. A deep tissue massage can release tension from tight neck and back muscles, as well as get your irregular system running smoothly by releasing toxins and loosening tight pressure points.

The Problem: Post-Vacation Exhaustion Related to Fatigue and Lack of Sleep

The fun part of any vacation is catching up with friends and family, visiting all of the area attractions and taking part in family activities. This means staying up later than you are used to, running around town non-stop and trying new activities that may take more energy than you are used to exerting. The result? A sleep deprived family upon return from vacationing.

The Solution: Therapeutic Massage to Balance Your Body’s System and Enhance Sleep Quality

According to American Bodywork and Massage Professionals, massage has been proven to be beneficial in decreasing anxiety, enhancing sleep quality and reducing fatigue. Therapeutic Massage Spokane also is known to increase energy levels and body circulation. Following your family vacation, you can relax your mind and body with regularly scheduled therapeutic massage sessions. This will help you with catching up on lost sleep, as well as increase your energy level.

To schedule your pre- and post-vacation massage sessions, call Elements Therapeutic Massage Spokane today. Our highly skilled massage therapists will tailor your sessions to prepare and revive you for an unforgettable summer vacation experience.

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