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Aurora at Tower & Hampden

SW Corner of Tower & Hampden

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3571 S Tower Rd
Ste A
Aurora, CO 80013

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Karina | Massage Therapist - Level 3

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy

Karina was born in Denver but grew up in Mexico where she became interested in massage when she watched her little sister receive physical therapy and massage. She loves being able to help people relax and heal. She studied massage at the Denver School of Massage Therapy.

Karina is proficient in head, jaw, neck and shoulder, rotator cuff, upper back, lower back, glutes, hips, quads, calf, feet, trigger point,Swedish, TMJ, migraines, carpal tunnel, reflexology and fibromyalgia.

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