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On Balance

On Balance

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden

Achieving balance can be difficult for many people. Between work and life stressors, fulfilling creative desires, making enough time for the gym or other exercise routines, spending quality family time together, and also seeking out solo time just for you, the many demands life brings can pile up, feel overwhelming, and often insurmountable.

In order to maintain a sense of mind and body wellbeing in the fray, there are certain steps to take that can help harness the positive results a state of balance can bring to your life. For example:

Learn To Say No
This is a hard one for many people for a variety of different reasons, Learning to say no can empower you to find time that’s just for you instead of struggling to manage the overflow. This includes learning to say no to extracurricular activities, volunteer projects, and other things that people ask of you. Saying no doesn’t mean that you don’t care; it’s a way to protect and develop your balance instead of taking on too much!

Pay Attention to Your Health
Health and wellness should be a priority. Establishing good habits around eating, sleeping, and activities all contribute greatly to feeling good and functioning optimally. If you feel out of balance, take a set back and examine your healthy and unhealthy habits.

Solo Time
As mentioned above, carving out time for you to work and explore yourself is critical in being able to attain a good outlook on life, even in the wake of stress. Spending quality time nourishing yourself through acts like meditating, writing, yoga, massage, stretching, or reading can be great ways to calm your central nervous system, which in turn can lower stress levels, increase feelings of, and spark your creativity.

Spark Curiosity
This includes your own sense of interest as well as those around you. Try expanding your awareness by learning something new or spending quality time with your loved ones by really getting to know one another through engaging and intimate conversations. This can help foster community and help you stay connected.

At Elements Tower and Hampden, we know that it’s important to slow down and find inner balance in the face of stress and emotions. As a key way to help you get in touch with your personal strength and wellness, massage is one of many different ways to promote an internal and external balance in this ever-busy world!

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