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Massage: The Key to Reducing Stress

Massage: The Key to Reducing Stress

Elements Massage Aurora Tower & Hampden


Stress can build silently over time, slowly and incrementally weighing you down, causing you to feel sluggish, tired, and overwhelmed. It can also pop up on your radar in an instant and completely engulf your day leaving you wrecked and exhausted. Whatever the case, high stress levels can cause damage to your health and wellbeing, with sometimes long term emotional and physical distress.

One key to keeping your stress levels in check is to seek out regular massage sessions. There are many different types of massage that can help alleviate high stress and anxiety levels like Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, and Cranio-sacral massage. Depending upon how you are feeling, your massage therapist may recommend a specific modality to maximize the benefits of reducing your particular stress levels or they may mix and match to meet your needs. Be sure to communicate openly with your massage therapist about what you are looking to achieve in order to get the most out of your session.

How Massage Works to Lower Stress

When you experience stress, your brain sends a signal to your body that it is confronting something threatening and needs to ramp up the defensive mechanisms. These signals force your heart rate to increase, your blood pressure to rise, your muscles to prepare for action, tighten, and clench, and your breath to become shallower. This state of ‘being stressed’ is difficult to endure for long periods of time and can make you feel fatigued and worn out. If your body stays at high stress levels for long periods of time, your immune system can decrease in effectiveness leaving you prone to sickness and injury.

When you receive a massage, the pressure and attention applied to certain trigger points enables your body to release tension, lowering the perceived threat of stress, and helping you find a state of relaxation. Once your body relaxes, it’s possible to produce natural endorphins like serotonin and dopamine to help you feel better and more balanced. Massage also boosts your circulatory and lymph systems helping facilitate toxin removal and oxygenation of your bloodstream more efficiently.

Other benefits of massage include help in promoting better quality sleep, less physical aches and pains, and leaving you feeling calmer and more centered. Now that’s a great way to take on life’s daily grind! If you are feeling stressed, make an appointment with and we’d love to help you feel your best.

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