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Massage After A Car Accident

Massage After A Car Accident

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden

There’s no doubt about it, being involved in any type of accident can be scary. The unexpectedness, the adrenaline, the potential injury, and damage to your property combine to equal a high amount of stress and anxiety. A massage may be a great way to help heal your mind and body in the wake of a crash. We recommend massage ONLY after doctors approval and 48 hours after an accident. Here’s how it can help:

-Lowers Blood Pressure
Massage can give your circulatory system a boost helping to promote blood flow throughout your body. This contributes to a lowering of your overall blood pressure and can help with symptoms of stress and anxiety.

-Reducing Stress and Anxiety
By targeting areas of tension, massage is a great tool to help your body release the tightness and clenching resulting from stress or anxiety. This gradual loosening of your muscles can help you feel more centered, relaxed, and calm.

-Quick Healing
If you suffered any injury, such as whiplash, massage can help speed along the healing process by promoting the circulation of blood, oxygen, and the removal of toxins. As well as lending a boost to your immune system, massage can help facilitate quicker healing by encouraging your tissues to work through whatever trauma experienced by your accident.

-Boosts Endorphin Production
By increasing the good hormones, like serotonin and dopamine and decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol, massage can help you feel your best. This is important after an accident if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress.

-Promotes Flexibility
Any sore muscles that may have locked up as a result of your accident can be made more pliable through the act of massage but it is also great for your joints. By stretching your muscles, tendons, and joints, massage can help you gain flexibility that can cause

As a way to help establish calmness and promote relaxation, massage is an excellent form of treatment to add to your care routine after any upsetting experience like a car crash. Talk to your therapist about what goals you have for your session and be sure to stay in constant communication about technique and pressure to ensure a positive and therapeutic massage experience.

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