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Headaches can range from annoying to debilitating, and many people believe they just have to live with the pain. Stress, dehydration, hormones, or allergies may be the culprit behind the problem, but oftentimes the source is unknown. Fortunately, bodywork can provide relief from your headache and get you back on track.

A tension headache is the most common type of headache. It is normally characterized by dull, mild to moderate pain and usually feelslike there is a tight band around your head. Instead of reaching for a pain killer at the first sign of a headache , give these lifestyle preventions a try

Musle Relaxation/Massage- Loosen up tight muscles with some heat. Try a hot water bottle , heating pad or a warm cloth, A hot shower may also do the trick. Massage therapy can do wonders for muscle tensoin.

Stress Management- Try cutting unnecessary stress out of your day by planning ahead. Give yourself more time to accomplish tasks, and when stress sneaks up on you without warning, step back and allow your emotions to diffuse.

Perfect Your Posture- Decrease the amount of strain on your muscles that support your head and entire body by improving your posture so that you can move easily, and without pain. Try this for better posture: push your shoulders back and down, hols your head high , pull your abdomen and buttocks in, and tuck in your chin.

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