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The Right Massage for You

The Right Massage for You

Elements Tempe

News flash! Massage is not one size fits all!

Elements focuses on the therapeutic aspects of massage, and a big part of that begins with you to the perfect therapist and modality for your needs. Next time you are looking to schedule a therapeutic massage, consider these main factors:

  1. What are you looking for today?
    1. The most common answer here would be relaxation or deep pressure, but there is much more to consider. Are you looking for pain relief in any specific areas, or from a specific injury? Are you looking for stress relief or to achieve better sleep? Are you looking to improve specific athletic performance or flexibility?
  2. What modality is right for you?
    1. There seems to be an endless amount massage modalities these days. If you are looking for relaxation, a standard Swedish Massage is probably right for you, while if you are looking for some deep tissue work you will want someone trained in myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy or other therapeutic techniques that are aimed at reducing hypertonic (tight) muscles. Or, if you are suffering from regular headaches, you may want a therapist skilled with Ortho-Bionomy or Cranial-sacral therapy.
  3. Figure out your preferences
    1. At Elements, everything can be tailored to your preference: volume of music in the room, brightness of the lights, hot or cold pack, heated table, aromatherapy add-ons, and so on. Specifically, with the massage, you decide where the therapist begins and where they spend time focusing their attention.
  4. Do your homework
    1. You tell is your preferences and we will provide the perfect fit! However, if you want to do some independent research, you can also check out our therapist bios online. Some great information to look for is how long the therapist has been practicing and their favorite modality to perform.
  5. Give it a try!
    1. One of the best ways to find out if a therapist is to your liking is to book a session with them and give them a try! Be vocal about what you like and don’t like; when pressure is too hard or too light.

Check out this article with more information on choosing the best massage for you! 


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