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Enhancing Your Exercise with Massage

Enhancing Your Exercise with Massage

Elements Massage Tempe

If you regularly exercise, you know how to take care of your body, and you know the importance of making sure your workouts are safe. For runners especially, regular massage helps to reduce the risk of injury and increases the quality of your workout.

Reducing Fatigue:

Pain in your muscles is typically caused by a release in of toxins in the tissue. When the toxin remains in the muscle and is left untreated, it causes damage to the muscle, which results in less circulation. Massage helps to work the toxins out of your muscles and allow for proper healing and circulation.

Increased Blood Flow:

When you work out, your heart rate increases dramatically, causing toxins to be distributed rapidly throughout your body and muscles. Massage helps to brings these toxins forward, but hydration is crucial to then flush the toxins out.

Increased Flexibility:

Most runners can tell you exactly where they feel pain after running. Common places to experience pain are the Achilles tendon, the bridge of your foot, or your hamstrings. Your massage therapist will be able to diagnose the origin of your problem, and you may be surprised to learn that the cause of your pain is a different muscle entirely. For instance, hamstring pain is often caused by limited mobility of your lumbar. Even though you may be stretching before your workout, you might not be stretching the right muscles! Massage not only loosens your muscles, but a therapeutic therapist can educate you on how to best stretch.  

Check out this article from to learn more about making the most of your work out:

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