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Elements Massage Tempe Mar 17, 2017 Wellness

The weather is heating up, and for you, that likely means a healthier lifestyle. As the temperature increase, we naturally find ourselves exercising more and spending more time outdoors. How are you improving your health as the weather gets warmer?

Elements Tempe Mar 11, 2017 Wellness

The older we get, the more important it is to make health decisions to maximize our health, and minimize our pain. Unfortunately, it is often the case that many of the ways we maintain our health when we were young also become more challenging, leaving us looking for solutions. 

Elements Massage Tempe Feb 23, 2017 Wellness

Almost everyone would admit that, from time to time, they would like to lose some weight – or at least be in more fit shape. Your metabolism is on of the most crucial elements into your overall health. We seem to talk about metabolism as if it is either something you have or do not have simple as a matter of chance – but that is far from the case. While you naturally have better metabolism at different ages in your life, measures can always be taken to improve your metabolism.

Elements Tempe Feb 11, 2017 Wellness

Of all the way try to improve our health, one thing we never seem to focus on is the quality and amount of sleep we receive. Poor sleep patterns effect almost every aspect of our health, from metabolism and weight gain, to brain functioning and risk for disease.

Elements Massage Tempe Feb 1, 2017 Couples

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s for you and your sweetheart? Massage, and more specifically, couples massage, makes for the perfect Valentine’s date or gift.

Elements Tempe Jan 7, 2017 Wellness

Most of us have heard of Aromatherapy in one way or another – basically, the use of essential oils to alter our health, emotions and overall well-being – but how does it all work?

Dec 5, 2016 Wellness

We all know that regular massage feels good, but more and more studies are showing that massage is also good for you. Just one massage has the ability to reduce stress and improve overall health and happiness.  So while you are out running around this holiday season, consider stopping in for a little “me” time at Elements Massage and realize the natural benefits...

Elements Tempe Nov 21, 2016 Our Studio

If you are like me there is always someone you struggle to find the perfect gift for every year!  No matter how early you start scheming or how hard you try to think outside the box, there is always the last minute panic to find just the right gift.  For me, that hard to shop for person is my mom.  How do you buy something for the women who has done it all and...

Elements Tempe Nov 10, 2016 Hot Stone

A hot stone massage is a therapy technique where the therapist uses smooth stones heated in water. They will place the stones on your body and press gently with their hands. A therapist can choose to incorporate customized massage techniques to suit your particular needs.


Elements Tempe Oct 30, 2016 Prenatal

If you are pregnant, you are probably feeling bloated, soar and just plain uncomfortable. Prenatal Massage is perhaps the best relief for your needs during pregnancy.

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