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Boost your Metabolism Naturally

Boost your Metabolism Naturally

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Almost everyone would admit that, from time to time, they would like to lose some weight – or at least be in more fit shape. Your metabolism is on of the most crucial elements into your overall health. We seem to talk about metabolism as if it is either something you have or do not have simple as a matter of chance – but that is far from the case. While you naturally have better metabolism at different ages in your life, measures can always be taken to improve your metabolism.

Eat more regularly throughout the day:

It seems counterproductive to eat more if your goal is to lose weight, but it is essential that you consumer calories throughout the day to best optimize your metabolism. People who report eating breakfast every day often also show an improved metabolism. By eating throughout the day, we condition our body to always be processing calories, and condition our body to know more nutrients are always coming soon. If we deprive our body from the calories it needs throughout the day, it will begin to store calories as fat for later consumption.

Eat Spicy:

Spicy foods, such as hot sauce, peppers, wasabi, etc, have been shown to boost metabolism and require your body to work (burn calories) for hours after the completion of a meal.

Sleep More:

For several reasons, getting enough sleep, and regular sleep is essential for improving your metabolism. A sleep deprived body increase your appetite stimulating hormones, and makes you more likely to binge on less nutritious food. A lack of sleep also, typically, leads to less physical activity during the day, which also inversely affects a productive metabolism.

Take time to Relax:

A stressed body tends to store calories and result in an increase in weight. All things equal, someone can lose weight or improve their physical health by doing nothing more than learning to relax. Some simple ways to best reduce stress are spending time with friedns, breathing deeply, taking a walk, or getting a massage!

For more tips on boosting your metabolism, check out this article from Better Home and Gardens:

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