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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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A hot stone massage is a therapy technique where the therapist uses smooth stones heated in water. They will place the stones on your body and press gently with their hands. A therapist can choose to incorporate customized massage techniques to suit your particular needs.

The heat from the stones assists in warming up and relaxing your muscles to give the therapist access to deeper layers of muscles. Here are 5 ways that hot stone supplements your massage session:

1.    Muscle relaxation and improved circulation

a.    To be honest, every massage is going to relax your muscles and improve circulation, but the heat of a hot stone massage allows your therapist to also pin-point specific areas of your body to target.

2.    Reduce Stress

a.    Again, does anyone not feel less stressed after a massage than before? But hot stone massage increases this feeling b targeting stress accumulating knots in your body.

3.    Pain Relief

a.    Prenatal massage will help with a number of things, including arthritis and fibromyalgia. Doctors often recommend hot stone massage for patients with all kinds of chronic illnesses.

4.    Another distinct advantage is the fact that hot stone massage lowers chances of contracted muscles and ensures more flexible joints and consequently, easier movement. Muscle manipulation results in a muscle spasm reduction.

5.    The desire for human contact

a.    Finally, as weird as it sounds, every person has that strange desire for human contact. We crave affectionate gestures, but we cannot always get this. A hot stone massage is a very efficient way of satisfying this need.

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