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Alternative Medicine, Massage and Insurance

Alternative Medicine, Massage and Insurance

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Alternative medicine has become increasingly relevant in medical care for many American. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 American use some type of alternative medicine throughout the year.

There isn’t one reason why people choose alternative approaches over traditional medicine. One study published in Social Science & Medicine found that patients who choose a homeopath over a general practitioner are likely to do so because of “disenchantment with, and bad experiences of, traditional medical practitioners.” 

The benefits of therapeutic massage as a form of alternative medicine are growing daily. Massage aids in circulation, sleep patterns, reduced stress and over physical functioning. Of course, this translates to increase functioning both physically and mentally.

Many people do not know that massage can be covered by their insurance provider. It is recommended that you speak directly with you insurance provider, but likely Massage is a covered deductible expense for you benefits plan, as long as such treatment is prescribed by your primary doctor.

For more information about the use of massage as an alternative medicine, check out this article from US News:

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