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Mother's Day Special (2 - 55 Minute Massages For $99)

Mother's Day Special (2 - 55 Minute Massages For $99)

Elements Therapeutic Massage

Your mom could probably pick her own flowers or cook her own brunch if she really wanted to. But something she can’t do is give herself a nice, relaxing massage.

Fortunately, we can.

This Mother’s Day, get 2 - 55 minute therapeutic massage session gift certificates for just $99.

Fewer calories than brunch, and it won’t wilt and die in a week.

Stop by the studio to purchase or call 719-238-6882. Limit one $99 purchase per person.

P.S. While you’re at it, consider getting one for your mother-in-law, too. You know you could use the brownie points...
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