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It’s getting colder! How are you getting through these winter months?

Jan 17, 2018 Wellness News

There are two different kinds of people: those that love the winter and all it has to offer and those that are comfortable with hibernating until Spring arrives. Which one are you?

What is Myofascial Release?

Jan 10, 2018 Wellness News

Experiencing back pain? Carpel tunnel? What about migraines? Myofascial release may be able to help.

New Year, New Enchancements

Jan 4, 2018 Our Studio

At Elements Massage you will always receive a perfectly personalized massage, but this year we're offering our clients a variety of extra enhancements to make your massage even more personalized. 

Mess Equals Stress - How to Declutter for Increased Peace of Mind

Jan 3, 2018 Wellness News

They say, "tidy house, tidy mind". If you spend your time in a cluttered space, chances are you have a cluttered mind. Do, how can you declutter your life and your mind?

Boxing Day Celebration

Dec 27, 2017 Our Studio

Elements Massage, St. Louis Park located at 5640 W. 36th St. is honoring the English roots of our franchise owners by celebrating Boxing Day - now through January 31st.

Dating DO’s

Dec 27, 2017 Wellness News

Couples: this post is for you. With the work holiday parties, family potlucks, cookie and ornament exchanges, shopping excursions, cooking, and baking that’s taken precedence in your life over the last month, we’re guessing that it’s been a while since you’ve been on a real, honest-to-goodness date.

What is Reiki?

Tory Topaz Dec 20, 2017 Our Studio

What is Reiki and how can improve your health? Reiki is a healing energy which opens and aligns the electrical magnetic pathways within the body.

How Does Massage Improve Sleep?

Dec 20, 2017 Wellness News

Did you know there's a simple, wonderful tool to help you battle sleep loss right at the touch of your finger. By simply getting regular massages, you can do wonders for your poor quality of sleep.

Our Ultimate Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List (Especially the Hard-to-Buy-For Folks)

Dec 13, 2017 Wellness News

You swore this time it’d be different. Last year at this time, as you sweated through the big-box stores at full-speed, rushing to fill in the holes in your shopping list, you told yourself “never again.”Yet here you are. It’s a couple of weeks until Christmas, and you’ve still got some thinking and shopping to do.

Countdown to the New Year

Dec 12, 2017 Our Studio

Join Elements Massage St. Louis Park as we countdown to the New Year. Throughout the entire month of December, we will have daily promotions in-studio. Take a peek at our daily specials.

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