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Ways To Naturally Boost Energy

Ways To Naturally Boost Energy

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

Although the symptoms may be familiar, you may not attribute the classic signs of exhaustion like that over-tired feeling, sore and achy muscles, or even lethargy for usual activities that you love as the result of an energy drain. Feeling low on energy can make it harder to concentrate on tasks or even cause feelings of great frustration at simple challenges. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to naturally boost your energy including:

  • Magnesium
    Magnesium is a mineral needed to help your body break down glucose into energy. If deficient, your body may be working harder to perform physical tasks. With a higher heart rate and a need for more oxygen, not having enough magnesium can make you feel low on energy. The recommended daily intake is around 300 milligrams for women and 350 milligrams for men. Good sources include whole grain and bran cereals, fish like halibut, or nuts like almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts.
  • Brisk Walk
    Taking a brisk walk during the usual afternoon slump can help increase your energy level. In fact, the physical activity of walking for only ten minutes can boost your energy for up to two hours.
  • Power Nap
    Instead of leaning on caffeine for that awake feeling, one surprising way to recharge is to take a short power nap. Fifteen to twenty minutes is the perfect amount of rest to help reset your system, raise alertness, and give a boost to your motor performance.
  • Reduce Stress
    Stress and anxiety is one of the biggest energy zappers leaving you mentally and physically exhausted. Chronic high stress often results in a vulnerability to illness. To reduce stress, including activities like yoga, meditation, and massage are ways to counter the energy killing tension of daily life.
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