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Surviving Summer Sports

Surviving Summer Sports

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

Regardless of the heat, many of us still play sports through the summer months, casually or competitively, and even more train for future goals and competitions. Whether it’s perfecting your golf swing, getting through that extra one hundred meters in the pool, or the extra mile on your distance run – exercise is an important aspect of health. But the way you support yourself before and after your work out is equally as important to your wellbeing. Giving yourself time for recovery, honing focus, and relieving your body of stress and build up can improve performance and make workouts more effective. All of these things can be achieved with sports massage at Elements Massage in the Scottsdale Promenade.

Repetitive workouts are important for building muscle, endurance, and muscle memory. It’s an integral part of any training – it’s how you become an expert at serving a tennis ball, swimming the butterfly or chipping a golf ball. But it also means that specific muscles are being constantly worked and strained, which leads to a buildup of lactic acid and waste. This buildup is part of what causes soreness and stiffness in the muscles, and without recovery time set aside, it is possible to cause serious damage or injury. Sports massage is an excellent way to aid the recovery process. Massage after an event or a workout can help flush out the toxins that buildup during exertion as well as reduce the length of the recovery time overall.

Massage is also excellent before an event or competition. Pre-event massage increases flexibility, circulation, and blood flow, so this lighter massage can help an athlete reach their peak performance quickly. Massage also bolsters a competitor’s focus, and we all know that half of a competition is mental. Improving focus during a competition or during training is just as important as training the body. Keeping the mind healthy as well as the body is half of the battle, and therapeutic massage can help with both sides of this goal.

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