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New study shows that massage aids muscle repair after exercise

New study shows that massage aids muscle repair after exercise

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A recent study published in the February 1, 2012 issue of Science Translational Medicineshowed that massage actually helps heal sore muscles after exercise. Researchers actually biopsied muscle tissue of their subjects through a small incision to determine the effect of massage after exercise. The study subjects had muscle tissue from their thigh biopsied at rest, and then exercised until exhaustion on a stationary bike. One thigh was massaged for 10 minutes and the other was left alone. Each thigh was biopsied after the massage, and then again two and half hours later.

The biopsied tissue revealed that massage reduced the production of cytokines, which contribute to inflammation, and stimulated mitochondria which aid in cell function and repair. The New York Times reports that the study’s senior author, Dr. Mark A. Tarnopolsky says massage appears to actually help the muscle adapt to increased amounts of exercise.

The other important finding of the study is that because massage actually works to help cells recover, it is potentially a healthier alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs and Nsaids. Medications reduce inflammation and pain, but may actually have a negative effect on healing.

If you are starting a new workout routine this summer or are ramping up your exercise, consider buying one of our massage three-packs at a discount of $21 per massage. Our therapists will not only soothe those sore muscles, but will actually help speed your recovery.

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