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Massage Therapy on the Job Gives Employees a Boost

Massage Therapy on the Job Gives Employees a Boost

Scottsdale Elements

There’s not much research available on the subject, but anecdotal evidence shows that companies offering massage are seeing improved morale in the workforce, less time off for work-related injuries and decreased stress in the office.

There are a number of ways that companies handle massage benefits for employees. Some companies pay all of the costs and sometimes the cost is shared between employees and employer. Sometimes just having the opportunity to receive massage therapy during the work day is enough for employees, who are happy to cover the cost themselves. Believe it or not, Google employs approximately 35 massage therapists in the United States, who offer other Google employees chair and table massage, pre-natal massage and Thai massage. We think that’s something to aspire to!

Consider talking to your employer about putting together a massage program for your company. Having a reputable massage therapy business give a presentation to your employer could really help demonstrate the positive effects of regular massage therapy. When employees are taking better care of themselves, are more relaxed and are free from physical aches and pains, they are more productive and positive on the job. Let us know if you’re interested in having Elements provide information to your employer about massage therapy.

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