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Massage is So Much More than Pampering!

Massage is So Much More than Pampering!

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

For the past year, research has been exploring the many benefits of massage therapy, and researchers at McMaster University have found another. There is evidence that massage therapy can help reduce inflammation of muscles by triggering biochemical sensors that send inflammation reducing signals to muscle cells.

It is widely accepted that therapeutic massage is beneficial for relieving muscle tension and muscle pain, but this finding indicates that massage can also help with chronic conditions like arthritis. The study also found that massage signals the muscles to build mitochondria, which play an important role in the healing process. While the study is only one step in a long scientific process in determining precisely what is happening at a cellular level, the results indicate that massage therapy could have even more benefits for injury recovery than pain relief.

Massage therapy is more than just pampering – it has very real, very measurable health benefits. Although, it is a bonus that it aids in relaxation and stress relief as well as physical recovery. Therapeutic massage is not just an item to order off of a spa menu – it is a rejuvenating and healing technique that has positive mental and physical health outcomes.

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