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If You Love Massage, You Will Love Owning Your Own Elements ~ Register Now for a Special Presentation!

Pam Crespo May 29, 2012

Register now for a special 30 minute presentation.

Why Elements?
This is a question with many answers, however, here are three compelling reasons:
Lower initial investment and operating costs than other national massage franchises in the massage industry.  
20% same store sales growth from 2010-2011                                                                                       
Elements is part of Fitness Together Holdings, Inc., which, between its two franchise models, has over 15 years of franchising experience.This equates to the most experienced franchise management team in the retail massage industry.                                                                                       
We believe that by the end of your exploration of our opportunity, you'll be asking "Why not Elements?"
*Arizona Has 7 Valleywide Locations...Five Open and Two Opening Soon.
Prime Locations Still Available!
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