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How Breathing Relates to Stress

How Breathing Relates to Stress

Elements Scottsdale Promenade


Short, restricted breathing is one of the obvious signs of stress. Muscles in the chest and back are tight, which prevents the body from breathing in a natural rhythm, and deep even breaths are an important elements of relaxing. What can someone do in order to break the vicious cycle of stress, tense muscles, and poor breathing? Massage therapy can help immensely with this problem!

Therapeutic massage works to help improve breathing techniques and reduce stress in a couple of ways. First, massage can relax and lengthen the muscles in the chest, back, and upper arms that are attached to the respiratory system. By working out the tension and tightness of these muscles, massage is able to open up the chest cavity and make it possible to take deeper, more calming breaths. This also has the added benefit of training your muscles to relax so they remain less tense in the future. A second way massage therapy can help with breathing is through improving posture. Sitting up straight and holding your torso correctly can also open up the chest cavity and align the rib cage.

The therapists at Elements Therapeutic Massage Scottsdale Promenade want to help you improve your breathing, which is an important part of reducing the stress in your life. Less tension and better posture can help with all kinds of respiratory restrictions like allergies and sinus problems, and being able to breathe deeply and fully can reduce stress in your day-to-day life.

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