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Helping with Allergies

Helping with Allergies

While other areas of the United States experience a resurgence of winter, here in Arizona the highs are climbing up past eighty-five degrees on almost a daily basis. The weather is pleasant and colors are beginning to turn from the reddish brown of desert to the green and yellow of spring. These seasonal changes are always beautiful to look at, but sometimes they can be difficult to manage if you suffer from allergies. Desert flowers are positively lovely, but they can wreck havoc on sinuses and itch at eyes. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these symptoms without turning to pharmacology.

Saline solution, tea, and wasabi are holistic remedies that can help with allergy symptoms, but another more pleasant way to alleviate sneezing and watery eyes is with therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage works to increase blood flow and improve circulation, which can help the body clear out mucus and clear sinuses blocked with allergens. Also, stress can cause the body to produce more histamine, intensifying allergic reactions to pollen in the air. Therapeutic massage relaxes the muscles and reduces stress, which means less of the histamine chemical in your body. Not only that, but tense or sore muscles from coughing and sneezing will feel much better after a session with a massage therapist! Allergy season can be difficult and draining, why not treat it with something relaxing that leaves you feeling better instead of inducing a medical daze?

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