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Doctors and patients say “yes” to massage therapy

Doctors and patients say “yes” to massage therapy

Elements Scottsdale Massage

The number of doctors and hospitals offering alternative therapies is on the rise. Results of a 2011 survey indicate that 42% of hospitals offer therapies such as relaxation training, massage, acupuncture and others. The great news is that 64% of the hospitals surveyed said they use massage therapy as a part of outpatient care.

The September 2011 issue of Consumer Reports published the results of a reader survey on alternative therapies and health. 75% of the readers said they used some type of alternative therapy for health. Survey participants also rated the alternative therapies such as deep tissue massage and yoga as effective as pain medications when it comes to back pain.

Educating yourself on the benefits of various massage therapies could lead to a beneficial conversation with your physician. Our massage therapists are always willing to discuss your health condition and how massage therapy might offer relief and measurable health benefits. Armed with some information, you may find that your physician or insurance provider will approve massage therapy for your condition or as a part of preventative wellness care.

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