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Chair Massages Are Great for a Hit of Stress Relief

Chair Massages Are Great for a Hit of Stress Relief

Elements Scottsdale Promenade


Chair massages are the perfect way to provide relaxation in stressful, busy places – where space and privacy are limited. They are unobtrusive, operate onsite, and provide the perfect ten or fifteen minute break. Chair massages are done over clothes, so there is no massage oil necessary to get the most out of the session. For this technique, you are seated in a special chair, utilized specifically for this purpose. Your face is rested in a cradle, angled towards the floor, and your arms are supported, which allows your neck and back to relax completely as a massage therapist uses various techniques to work out knots and tension from those areas.

Chair massages are perfect for busy or high stress spaces like the office or even as a service at a holiday party. A fifteen minute break in the middle of the workday can improve employee productivity by reducing stress and tension that can hinder activity. And having a massage therapist at a holiday party can provide a fun and relaxing midseason break for your guests, bringing down their anxiety and stress over everything that must get done for their own holiday celebrations. The massage therapists at Elements Therapeutic Massage at the Scottsdale Promenade provide chair massages for local businesses and social events, bringing their expertise and experience onsite to your event with no hassle or obtrusiveness. Chair massages are power-packed sessions that leave everyone feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, regardless of whether they’re diving back into the business week or back into the chaos of the holidays.

Call Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade for your holiday event, or to treat your employees to a chair massage 480.998.2120.

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