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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

Deep tissue massage has many positive health outcomes. They are excellent for injury recovery, postural problems, repetitive strain, and help with chronically pained or tense muscles. As you can see, this technique can be corrective and therapeutic – working to relieve tense areas that restrict movement and prevent healing. But how does it work?

The therapist will use a combination of two techniques during a deep tissue massage. They will either put pressure directly onto the muscle where resistance is found and maintaining that pressure until the knots are released. The second method is more indirect. Instead of working directly at the point with the most tension, the therapist will work in the opposite direction of the resistance, working the knots free in this manner. Deep tissue massages can be intense, and they release toxins that have been built up in muscle tissue. This can result in some soreness, but it will go away after a couple of days and with drinking lots of water to flush the toxins out.

Deep tissue massages do not have to be painful. When done correctly, this is a very beneficial therapeutic technique can help with chronic pain, organ functioning, and mobility. However, it is important that any client be realistic with their expectations of a single massage. If there is a lifetime of stress built into the muscles, it is unlikely that you will find complete relief from a single session. A single session will help – it’s better than nothing after all – but finding a good therapist and setting up a plan will be even more helpful. Deep tissue massage and the benefits that come with it is worth the time and effort.

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