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Grand Opening of Elements Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert

Grand Opening of Elements Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert

Last night I went to the grand opening of Elements Therapeutic Massage. What a great place! The festivities were held outside in perfect weather, with tours of their office and rooms available. In fact you had to do the tour to get a raffle ticket for the many prizes given away.
Grand Opening sign guys

Getting there was pretty easy. I knew where 2556 S. Val Vista was, but didn't bring the building number or the suite number. That was no problem because the "Elements" were on the street letting everyone know where the party was. Blue is missing in this photo, I understand he/she was the dancer of the elements and had to leave early. The full address is: 2556 S. Val Vista Drive, Suite 105. (480) 726-2222 -

Elements is owned by Jeanette Belloni and had a soft opening in February 2009. The 8 therapist and 3 staff have been working hard establishing the business and providing great service. Jen gave tours of the therapy rooms and then explained how they go to great lengths to make the mood relaxing and comfortable for everyone. One therapy table even has a cut out for expecting mothers (with tummy support), one of the only maternity therapy tables around.

Ribbon Cutting

There were a lot of people in attendance. I won't guess a number because that could backfire on me. But the Gilbert Town Mayor John Lewis was there, the Elements District Representative was the MC, many members of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce attended, including Chamber President Kathy Langdon. The Gilbert Small Business Alliance Executive Director Lisa Rigler and many members were there as well.

The event was catered by Lena's Flowers & Gifts & Catering. The food was fabulous, Lena's did a wonderful job of providing variety and quality at the same time. "Ted the Crooner" provide the entertainment. Ted Luther is one of the best Crooners around and kept the set entertaining for all of us.
Great food at Elements

Not only did Elements provide great entertainment, food and wine, but also great massages. Two back massage chairs and two hand massage therapist were kept busy the entire evening. I had to pass on the back massage, I would have relaxed too much and been done. The hand massage however was wonderful!

Gilbert has a first class massage therapy business in Elements Theraputic Massage. I have to recommend them to everyone.



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