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Massage Can Reduce SAD

Massage Can Reduce SAD

Elements Massage Scottsdale North

Even though we have plenty of sunshine year round, individuals in Arizona are still impacted by seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD. This seasonal slump is categorized as a depression that occurs during the winter months, or when days are shorter.

SAD symptoms are similar to those exhibited with major depression. Most often these include oversleeping, lack of energy, irritability, relationship problems, weight gain, and a heaviness in the arms and legs. As of yet, research has not yet uncovered a reason why the reduction in sunlight can trigger this condition where your biological clock operates out of whack reducing levels of serotonin and melatonin.

Getting Care
It’s important to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any atypical mental of physical health concerns. Treatment for this condition is subjective to each individual’s experience and may include a combination of light therapy, psychotherapy, medication and lifestyle changes.

Massage for SAD
Massage can be a great tool for managing or decreasing SAD symptoms. The application of touch and movements in a massage session can increase the body’s neurotransmitters to boost feel-good hormones while reducing anxiety and depression. Massage is also known to decrease heart rate and reduce elevated blood pressure (part of what can make you feel tired and fatigued).

Restorative Human Touch
Massage also can restore a sense of comfort that people crave when depressed. Harnessed through the sharing of energy via touch, bodies need comforting and massage can help deliver the connection needed to boost your comfort level.

At Elements Massage Scottsdale North, our team is skilled in the art of therapeutic relaxation. Take time to nurture yourself and show yourself some extra attention this cold season!


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