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Massage as Tool for Cyclists

Massage as Tool for Cyclists

Elements Massage Scottsdale Lincoln

In the Valley of the Sun, we are fortunate enough to have mild winter weather that is conducive to outdoor activities. As home to many avid cyclists, massage is an excellent tool for preparing your body’s muscles for a long ride to boosting post-trail recovery times. Whether a passionate cyclist or weekend warrior, here's how the different modalities of massage can mitigate the wear and tear of cycling:

  • Swedish Massage
    One of the gentlest forms of massage, Swedish Massage is known for its incorporation of long muscle strokes accompanied by light, kneading movements to encourage relaxation and re-energize the body. A great type of massage both before or after a long ride, this form of massage can help stimulate circulation and jumpstart the recovery process.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    More appropriately suited to cyclists training hard, deep tissue is a special targeted form of massage that utilizes deep pressure and cross-grain muscle movements to work out pinpointed muscles. Most often performed on hamstring knots or tight areas in the iliotibial band, cyclists turn to this form of massage to work out stubborn kinks.
  • Sports Massage
    The perfect massage for a wide variety of aches and pains, sports massage focuses on soreness and removing lactic acid buildup from muscles to speed along your body’s recovery efforts.

Cycling can take a toll on your body, particularly the different muscle groups in the legs with all of that pushing and pulling. Talk to one of our talented massage therapist team members today to find out what your best pre- or post-ride massage should be about. We’re here to help boost your performance, promote quicker recovery and help prevent injuries so you can stay out on the road or trail year round!

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