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Boost Your Blood Flow

Boost Your Blood Flow

Elements Massage Scottsdale Lincoln

Did you know that blood circulation is one of your body’s most critical functions? Essentially, it’s what makes your body work by supplying oxygen to your organs and brain. It also helps your cells grow.

Increasing your blood circulation can increase your overall health. Here’s how you can improve your body’s circulatory function:

  1. Exercise
    When your body exerts itself during vigorous exercise, your blood vessels dilate which can increase your blood flow. If you sit at work on a daily basis, you need to counter the stillness with movement.
  2. Nutrition
    You can boost your circulation through what you eat. Foods that are high in vitamin C and E in addition to spicy foods containing cayenne pepper have been shown to promote circulation.
  3. Amino Acids
    Some individuals augment their diet and exercise routine with certain amino acids to improve blood circulation. Arginine is one amino acid that can help promote a healthy immune system.
  4. Massage
    Experiencing a relaxing massage can help recenter your mind and reduce your stress levels. This is turn can promote the release of tense muscles, in addition to toxins stored up in your body. With better circulation, your body can't process toxins quicker, and help keep itself healthy.

Come talk to our team today about how we can lend you a hand (or two) to boost your body’s blood flow and encourage better circulation.


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