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Kalion | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Specialties: Stretching, Trigger Point, Sports


"Kalion is an excellent massage therapist. He has great technique and a knowledge of kinesiology that is very helpful when addressing specific problem areas in my neck and shoulders."

"I have had some excellent massage professionals try and help me work out the years of kinks but Kalion is one of the best massage professionals I have ever been to. My daughter in law is from Cameroon Africa and never had a massage in her life Kalion made her feel very comfortable and she found it to be a great experience"

"I come in with pain and leave pain free. Kalion does a great medical type massage and can detect imbalances and correct them. I never feel uncomfortable during the massage and I'm asked often if the pressure Is okay. I highly recommend Kalion."

Kalion received his massage therapy training from MCC in Waco, Texas. Other than massage, he is also a certified personal trainer. Kalion is the perfect therapist for someone who needs a lot of stretching. His philosophy on healing is “In the start of session, less is better. I believe in use of the full 360 degree of our senses.”

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