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Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Dr. Susan Duve


Many people have suffered for years from conditions related to food and do not know it. You may know of someone who has struggled to find answers for years. These good people seek treatment to relieve their pain, discomfort, and change their appearance or weight so they can live a normal life. They continually complain to family and friends of their problem looking for support and answers. If the pain or problem is severe they may suffer tremendous losses in time at work or family activities and miss out on vacations or holidays events. With good intentions they run to the local drug store for pills, potions, lotions, or grab the latest magic health drink making things worse.  


After becoming weary and tired of the perpetual road blocks to a cure, they search the internet to find answers, sifting through enormous amounts of information they are not qualified to evaluate. Maybe they get pulled into a promising ad campaign and order product after product. They may change their job or lifestyle, and become hopeless and exhausted in despair with no solution.


When all of this self-diagnosis and treatment does not work they then ask their doctors for advice. If seeking advice from a medical doctor, they may end up having unnecessary surgical procedures, or reluctantly medicate with prescription drugs. Some will begin a course of medication that leads to more symptoms until they are taking 5, 10, 15 or more medications at a time and never fixing anything. This is more common than you would ever imagine. 


Some unfortunates become addicted to these prescription medications or use illegal remedies that seem to help them function in the short run while robbing them of time, money and a real quality life in the long run. If seeking advice from a holistic doctor, they may end up trying many costly treatments or using harmless yet ineffective products that help but do not seem to cure their ailment completely.  


Now, I know this is true because I have first hand knowledge after having seen this in my own practice. As a Chiropractic Doctor for almost 20 years, I have consulted with thousands of patients about their time consuming search for the magic treatment. By the time I see them in my office, patients have been “through the ringer,” so to speak. They have tried it all and are physically tired, depleted emotionally, financially and usually skeptical of anything at this point. If I do my job effectively and pull together the puzzle pieces throughout the consultation, finding all connections and contributing factors, then a plan of real healing can begin for these people. There is hope for these good people,


The single most important factor here is FOOD! 

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