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Jennifer Stanley

It’s a new year, make a positive change. Take care of yourself and get a massage!

Massage therapy uses gentle stretching and deep tissue work to lower your stress level and help you feel better overall. It can even improve the function of your immune system and keep you well! How? Sleep is important to re-charge our bodies, but also the key factor in maintaining good health, energy and mood levels. The relaxation benefit of massage therapy will enable you to sleep better, and therefore, stay healthy.

The relaxation benefit of massage therapy will also enable you to sleep better. Using acupressure points to trigger pain release, massage can relieve headache symptoms (specifically after a concussion/brain injury).  Clients have noted that their migraines have been reduced by repeat visits. This is because regular, repetitive manipulation of the neck, head and shoulder area promotes blood flow and circulation. Also, gentle kneading of the shoulder muscles releases knots and tightness most people are not even aware they have.

Massage therapy can benefit cancer patients by reducing painful swelling and fatigue with rejuvenation of the skin tissue using light, sweeping strokes. Nausea can even be reduced with reflexology techniques by using pressure points in both the hands and the feet to trigger releases in the abdominal area. In addition to relieving anxiety, massage increases the level of neurotransmitters sent to the brain that help reduce depression.

Overall, massage is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving hours, days and even weeks after treatment. Make that positive change now by treating yourself or your loved one to a massage.

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