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Elements Massage 10003 NW Military Hwy, Suite 1102
San Antonio, TX   78231
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10003 NW Military Hwy
Suite 1102
San Antonio, TX 78231

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness / Elements News

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Donald McGee Jul 8, 2015 Elements News

Perhaps you have tried talking with a therapist or counselor, which is an effective way to tackle this often desperation-inducing condition, but it often works even better when you treat the chemical side of the issue. Doctors often prescribe a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) such as Fluoxentine, Sertraline and Citalopram, and they are often effective but they sometimes come with side effects that may complicate treatment, at the very least.

Jennie Lee May 11, 2015 Elements News

Wellness has become a buzzword these days, ranging in application from medical diagnoses to spa services. Anyone you ask will have a list of things that make him/her feel good. For most people, this list will be based on circumstances and relationships outside of themselves. But externals are always changing and in order to cultivate an overall sense of true wellbeing, we must tap a source that remains consistent regardless of anything happening around us.

Elements Masage May 5, 2014 Elements News

Our Elements Massage therapeutic approach is designed to match you with the therapist and the specific technique that's best for your unique health and wellness situation. We customize each massage session to the specific needs of every client and often incorporate techniques from several types of massage to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment.

Elements Massage Mar 31, 2014 Elements News

Thereapists from Elements Massage across the United States speak out on what are the most common injuries people treat using Massage Therapy.

Elements Massage Feb 26, 2014 Elements News

When most people think about a true therapeutic experience, they often opt for a full body massage to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. But what they might not realize is that the simple act of focusing on the reflexology zones in the hands, feet and ears can help elevate their state of relaxation and recovery to new levels.

Jennifer Gillis Sep 27, 2013 Elements News

October 16th is National Boss's Day!

Jennifer G Jun 1, 2013 Elements News

Are you approaching your big day? Have alot to deal with? Bet you didn't know that massage not only is great for stress relief but it is proven to help burn belly fat! Come take an hour for yourself and destress at Elements Therapeutic Massage!

Mar 2, 2013 Elements News

March 2013: A series of tips to help beat workplace stress

Feb 11, 2013 Elements News

A series of weekly tips to beat workplace stress.

Jan 23, 2013 Elements News

January 23-31 Tip: Enhance Sleep Quality with Regular Massage Therapy

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