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Michael | Certified Massage Therapist

Some fun facts about Michael include that he enjoys hiking and loves poker - making him fit right into the local scene seamlessly.  Seriously though, he’s got some real skills that also make him an awesome fit for the Elements family!  Swedish, trigger point, energy work, deep tissue, myofascial release and sports massage are just some of the modalities he is well-versed in.  At the early age of eight he would practice on his own parents and found that he was naturally talented at it.  On top of that, Michael takes pride in helping people.  Michael believes in leading a balanced life and would like to impart the value of it to others.  Other than Las Vegas, he has also lived in New York where he earned his education in massage therapy from the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  Michael has traveled through most of America as well as Canada and Mexico but his favorite environment to relax in is by the shores of any beach with blue water and white sand.  We are positive that the talent he brings to the massage table will take you to some equivalent of that paradise and leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and overall in an improved state of being.

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