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Addressing Neck Pain

Addressing Neck Pain

Elements Massage Red Mountain

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck and blamed how you slept? Maybe you were in a fender bender and your neck has never been the same. Neck pain comes from a variety of sources and is fairly common. Most of us will experience a bout of acute neck pain some time in our life. This type of generic pain is also called nonspecific neck pain.

Symptoms of Nonspecific Neck Pain

Most cases of this condition start with a small pain in your neck that spreads towards the shoulder area or up to the base of your skull. Your movements may be restricted by immobility and pain or a numbing sensation may spread down your arms and into your fingers. Most likely, this is due to nerve irritation. 

Nonspecific neck pain, while a pain in the neck, will improve after a few days, lingering up to several weeks at a time depending on the person. If you develop chronic neck pain, your condition will flare up from time to time based on activities, sleep patterns, and your physical and emotional extensions of self.

Often attributed to minor strains or sprains to muscles or ligaments in the neck, pain is more common for individuals that spend their days working at a desk. Statistics cite that approximately two out of three people will experience a case of nonspecific neck pain some time in life.

Natural Treatments
Besides a course of muscle relaxants or painkillers, non-pharmacological treatments include:

  • Good Posture
    Make sure that your working position at a desk is ergonomically sound. This can assist you in sitting upright without slumping.
  • Supportive Pillow
    Depending on your sleeping position, go for a pillow that supports the head without curving your spine.
  • Massage
    Massage is an excellent tool to combat the stressors that can tweak the neck. By allowing the muscles to stay pliable and limber, a strain is less likely.

At Elements Massage Red Mountain, we are here to assist you in combating what ails you.


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