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Therapeutic Values of Massage

Therapeutic Values of Massage

Elements Massage Piney Creek

Stemming from ancient traditions, massage practices and their many benefits have found their way from early civilizations to our contemporary world. As a way to provide pain relief, alleviate a wide array of symptoms, and promote health and wellbeing, massage uses the manipulation of your body’s soft tissues along with compression and kneading to align your muscles and rid your body of knots and tension to encourage relaxation and a more centered and calm state of mind.

The therapeutic value of the many massage modalities available on the market today include:

Boost Blood Flow: By increasing circulation, massage helps boost blood flow which in turn oxygenates your blood to allow you to feel refreshed and energized. It also can let your body more efficiently rid itself of toxins and waste.

Lower Blood Pressure: Massage can help lower blood pressure (both diastolic and systolic) to promote a healthier heart!

Up Straight: Slouching is hazardous to your health and can throw your whole body out of alignment. This can cause painful strain on your musculoskeletal system and result in aches and pains in your neck, back, shoulders, and more. Massage can help you keep your posture in proper alignment so you can stand or sit up straight, in better health.

Immune Function: Another therapeutic benefit from massage is that it can lend your immune system a boost. By lowering the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, your body’s immune system can work more efficiently to help ward off sickness.

Chase Away Headaches: From migraines to tension headaches, massage is an excellent tool to ease the pain and suffering that result from chronic headaches.

Tension Release: Whether mental tension like stress or anxiety or physical tension like knots and sore muscles, massage can allow your body to release pent up tension so you can look and feel your best.

Regardless of the modality of massage, Swedish, Hot Stone, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, or Sports, the benefits are many. Visit our studio or speak to one of our professional staff members at Elements Piney Creek to find out how we can help you and address your needs today.

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