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The Art of Swedish Massage

The Art of Swedish Massage

Elements Massage Piney Creek

As one of the most popular modalities, Swedish massage is a gentle approach to the art of massage that can help induce relaxation, introduce a variety of massage movements to release stress and tension, and is a great way to help you achieve a harmonious health and wellness balance.

At Elements Piney Creek, we practice this therapeutic form of massage to deliver you results. With a rich history based in Western concepts of both anatomy and physiology, there are several different movements associated with this form of massage:

  • Effleurage
    Known as the long sweeping strokes, similar to gliding or sliding, effleurage moves between a light and firm application of pressure to aid in breaking up muscle tension.
  • Petrissage
    A kneading motion utilizing the thumb and knuckles to work the tissues of the body, this movement helps prepare your body to receive the other techniques involved in any Swedish massage.
  • Tapotement
    This rhythmic tapping is key in relaxing and reenergizing your muscles.
  • Friction
    With friction comes heat and the heat produced by vigorously rubbing hands on skin warms the muscles and aids in relaxation.
  • Vibration
    By using a back and forth action of the fingertips across the skin and the side of the hands to apply a vibration through shaking, this technique loosens the muscles and helps promote the release of tension and stress.

As an effective way to relieve emotional and physical stress, Swedish massage boasts a range of benefits including enhancing flexibility, reducing joint stiffness or pain, and boosting blood circulation. Talk to one of our massage therapists today about booking yourself a Swedish massage appointment!

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