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Cold Air? Tips for Easier Breathing

Cold Air? Tips for Easier Breathing

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With the seasonal changes, winter air can feel that much colder and harsher on your system. From the ends of your hair, to your dry, itchy skin, winter weather can take its toll on you. Mustering the energy to do any activity at all can even feel like a challenge! In order to ensure health and wellbeing this season here are several tips that can help you reduce the effects of the chilly winter air:

Why Cold Air Hurts

First, a bit of basic information on why cold air feels different when you breathe. Turns out that cold air can cause a small contraction of the smooth muscle surrounding your airway causing a decreases space to allow air through. This small contraction is called a bronchospasm and can feel like a shortness of breath. Cold air is also usually very dry which can also cause minor irritation or even bloody noses.

Find Relief

There are several measures you can take to alleviate issues stemming from the chilly winter air at home including:

Investing in a humidifier

Especially if you are running the heat! A home humidifier helps introduce moisture into your air to avoid that dry, scratchy throat feeling in the mornings.

Avoid fires

Sitting around a fire with friends and loved ones can be fun and atmospheric but when combined with cold air, the wood particles and smoke can cause respiratory issues. Save the firepit or lighting up the fireplace for special occasions only

Indoor exercise

On days that are particularly cold, you may be better off exercising indoors. It’s essential to get in a good warm-up for your muscles before leaping into action. Also be sure to properly stretch after concluding any activity as your muscles can get cold quickly and tighten up leaving you stiff and sore!


Essential oils are great way to treat your respiratory system during the cold months. With a variety of blends like peppermint to eucalyptus, oils are fun sensory-rich way to help open airways and promote well being.

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