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5 Reasons Why People Get Massages

5 Reasons Why People Get Massages

Elements Massage Piney Creek

1. Relaxation

The first reason is the most obvious, massages are relaxing!!! For most busy people, this has a lot to do with the fact that taking an hour break from a packed schedule to lay down in a dimly lit room is probably the most luxurious thing a person could do for themselves. Incorporating relaxation into modern lifestyles is incredibly important to overall health. It helps the mind and the body unwind from stressful, anxiety ridden days and can help people transition from their often tense professional worlds, back into the home where family and friends are waiting for them to be happy and have fun.

2. Its Part of a Health Care Routine

Whether you are a professional athlete, an arthritis sufferer, or just an overly ambitious weekend warrior, massage therapy is a great addition to any person’s regular health care routine. Depending on the types of injuries or ailments that you suffer from, there is a massage technique that can get to the heart of what ails you and provide relief as well as a strong foundation of healing to help prevent future injury.

3. To Maintain Connections with Other People

Massage is all about touch and touch is one of the fastest and most powerful ways that people feel connected to one another. From birth, small babes are swaddled tightly and pressed against their mothers’ bosoms because that proximity to another person is a sensation that all people crave. And it is not a craving that ever goes away. While we all might go through times in our lives where we might want to be alone, we tend to gravitate in general towards contact with others. Whether we experience that through intimate relationships or just close friendships, physical contact is an important part of the human experience. This is especially true in elderly communities where contact with others becomes less and less common. Massage therapy is a safe and effective way for those people who are not receiving regular touch and contact with others to feel connected and loved.

4. Stress Relief

While massage has been shown to have an actual effect on a person’s hormonal balances which can lead to stress relief, its ability to just remove a person from the regular doldrums and anxieties of life can have as much of a positive effect as any of the proven or unproven medical benefits. A lot of people these days spend day in and day out sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, most likely not practicing correct posture. Massage takes you out of that mind and body-damaging environment and brings you to a place that is relaxing AND healing all at the same time. Massage also helps people become more aware of their bodies which can lead to improved posture and a desire to exercise or play more and ultimately work and stress less.

5. Learning

Receiving massages is a great way to learn how to give massages. Even before deciding to take the plunge and pursue a formal massage therapy education, starting a regular massage therapy routine of your own enables you to more greatly appreciate the full range of techniques and feelings that massage therapy entails. Most massage programs require that students perform a certain number of training hours before receiving certification and it is not uncommon for them to practice on each other. This is because knowing exactly how each stroke and motion on every part of the body will feel is integral to being able to give effective massage treatments.

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