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Massage for All

Massage for All

Elements Massage Phoenix-Arcadia

The power of human touch is a tool that can help promote the feeling of being connected to larger humanity. Stemming from a rich tradition, many ancient cultures have turned to the fine art of massage to relieve stress, pain and anxiety while delivering powerful benefits such as relaxation and rejuvenation.

In regards to physical needs of the body, massage fulfills a deep seated emotional necessity for feeling connected, happier, and satisfied. By promoting a strong sense of wellbeing and nurturing the mind/body connection, massage is making its way into mainstream medical communities, clinics and hospitals, recognizing its abilities to address a range of afflictions and symptoms.

After all, the skin is the largest organ of our bodies so it makes sense that a little bit of attention and care can go a long way in how we feel. Massage is an excellent tool for individuals of all ages including:

  • Children and Toddlers
    Touch is one of the earliest forms of human communication and is a great way to foster positive relationships. As a non-verbal exploration of the world, parent and child massage is a good way to help stimulate safety and connectedness outside the womb.
  • Adolescents
    This particular period of time can present many emotional and developmental difficulties. Teenagers are frequently hindered by societal inhibitions, awkward growth spurts, and a lack of vocabulary and massage can be a tool to help identify healthy and socially acceptable touch while fostering a sense of awareness and connectedness.
  • Senior Citizens
    As a marginalized community, the elderly benefit greatly from the healthy touch of massage. Stimulating positive emotional and physical feelings, massage is a good way to promote that much needed feeling of connection and love.
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